School Year Fees

Conservatory School Year Tuition (Required Fee in the Fall) $1000.00
Utah Shakespeare Festival Competition Trip (Required Fee) $330.00
Utah Shakespeare Festival Chaperone Fee (Optional)  $50.00
Musical Theatre Competition of America California Trip (Required Fee) Approx $1400.00
Musical Theatre Competition of America Chaperone (Optional) Approx $700.00
MTCofA Solo Competition Fee (Optional) Approx $85.00
MTCofA Duet Competition Fee (Optional) Approx $42.50

The basic school year fees are: $1000 (Tuition), $330 (USF Competition), $1400 (MTCofA Competition)
We charge $125 a month for tuition for 8 month starting in August and ending in May.
We charge $110 over 3 months for the Shakespeare Competition. (August - October).
Once we have a definitive fee for the California trip we will create a payment plan the trip.



Summer Fees

Conservatory Summer Tuition (Required Fee in the Summer) $224.00
Teen Session Fee Approx $780.00
Teen Aide Discounts Approx $580.00

The basic summer fees are: $224 (Tuition), $780 (Teen Session), with possible tuition discounts of $580.00.
This average total for summer is $424. This is typically split into 3 payments of $141.33